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Nepalese Traditional Musical Instruments are in wide varieties in Nepal and still in use whether it is for religious, ritual, ceremonial or for modern music, it has distinct taste and full of musical melody. There are various types of musical instruments used traditionally for religious ceremonies, celebrations, offerings and more. These has a greater social values in nepalese communities like Pahche Baja, Nau Baja and more. Some of the few names as madal, tabala, murchunga, sahani, dhyangro, harmonium, sarangi, basuri,nepali bamboo flute, kanling, damaha, nagada, taa, damaru, jhyali, jhyamta, sankha, dholak, ddha, kaling ,sahanai, dhime baja, nyakhin,khin etc . Besides other traditional musical instruments like traditional trumpets, drums, tingshaws, bhushaws, tibetan laha, various kinds of flutes, cymbals, are traditionally produced in Nepal. So far, its performances as an export item is low these items seems to be liked by many people in international market.
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Tabala Set
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Tabala Set
Item Code : NMI - 001
-This is beautifully made tabala set, a traditional musical instrument popular world wide.
Price : US$ 100.55
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Item Code : NMI - 002
-This is beautifully designed and hand made madal, a traditional musical instrument popular world wide.
Price : US$ 39.82
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Item Code : NMI - 003
-This Sarangi is one of the popular musical instruments of nepal played mostly from generation to generation by the nepali Gandharvas.
Price : US$ 76.97
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Item Code : NMI - 004
-This Djimbe, a musical instruments look like congo, produces soothing music while playing. This is considered as nepali drum popular in village areas.
Price : US$ 147.04
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Item Code : NMI - 005
-This is known as Tungna, a traditional musical instrument played mostly in religious function.
Price : US$ 32.28
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